Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's for Dinner? Asian Pulled Pork!

      Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well. :) I just wanted to stop by and share a recipe that I recently found that has become a quick new favorite for me and my guy! It would of course be Asian Pulled Pork as the title would suggest, haha. I haven't had much experience thus far cooking with Asian flavors, but I must say that this was delicious. I stumbled across the recipe on Pinterest, which is where I find a lot of my food ideas these days, and decided to try it since I was wanting something a little different(and easy). Boy was it easy! One of the main reasons that I adore crock pot meals is that I can throw it in before work in the morning, let it cook all day, and add the finishing touches when I get home. Plus, with the crock pot liners I've been using, clean up is super simple too! I found mine near the plastic bags and such at Wal-mart. Tonight is the second time I've made this dish, and after having such a busy day at work, I'm glad I picked it for dinner tonight! Here ya go:

 Start with a roast(2-3 lbs), 1 chopped onion, 1 tsp instant chicken bouillon, and 1 cup water.

 Cook on low for 7-10 hrs. This is at about 9.

 Remove the onion, drain the liquid, and shred the meat.

Mix 1/4 cup Soy Sauce, 2 Tbsp Oyster Sauce, 1 Tbsp Worcestershire, 
1 Tbsp Brown Sugar, and 1 tsp Minced Garlic.
(Low-sodium options work well too!)

Mix the sauce with the shredded meat and allow to cook for 30 more minutes.
I like to serve mine over white rice, so I cook it during this time as well.

And dinner is served!

      If you would like to check out the original recipe, you can find that here. This recipe is highly recommended, and boyfriend approved. ;) I'm also thinking of trying it with some fried rice, or maybe noodles. If it turns out to be worth mentioning, I'll be sure to let you know. Have a good week, and I'll see you back here soon!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Updates and Games!

      I feel like I've been gone so long! I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's Eve and Day first of all. We went to a friend's and had a great time. If you follow my Instagram you probably have an idea of what I've been up to but if not, here ya go! I decided to finally try a monthly photo challenge on Instagram, which also caused me to write up a few resolutions:

  • Make time to read more
  • Get back into drawing
  • Stay in better touch with friends
  • Work on time management
  • Be healthier in general - starting with no more pop!
  • LIVE!
      If you made any New Year's resolutions, please share them in the comments. I would love to see them! If you are curious about the photo challenge, here it is:

      Anyone living in the mid-west should know that we got A LOT of snow this weekend. Before the storm hit on Sunday, the boyfriend and I decided to do some running around to pick up some essentials and grab a bite to eat. We used one of our Christmas gift cards and went to TGIFridays, which was delicious. We both got the Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp. I think it's safe to say that we both would recommend it. It is all packed with flavor and was cooked just perfectly. I think I'll just let the picture speak for itself.

     While out and about we also decided to get a new multi-player game for the Wii U since we didn't have any yet, and because I thought it would be the perfect thing to keep us busy during the storm. We settled on  Super Mario 3D World. It is so much fun, it was the only game we played for three days! We are now in what I believe is the last world, and have already beaten the main game. The new cat suit and other power-ups added some new challenges, allowing them to hide things in places that you wouldn't otherwise be able to reach. I have to also say, getting to play as Peach has been a lot of fun too, and I love her different power-up outfits! Also, we enjoyed the fact that no one was forced to play Mario like in the side scroller games. Each character also has a different 'ability'. Mario is easier to handle, Luigi can jump higher, Toad can run faster, and Peach has her signature hover jump(which I have to say comes in handy in many places!).
I have also been loving getting to play as Rosalina! You get to unlock her in the Star World and she has a slightly higher jump, as well as a spin ability that can kill enemies. Very convenient. ;)
Overall, I recommend the game, especially if you are wanting just a fun multi-player, but maybe something different from the last few New Super Mario games.

     Now the snow. So much snow! I don't work on the weekends, but I know that the mall closed Sunday, and was also closed on Monday. It was going to open at noon Tuesday, but about twenty minutes before the stores were supposed to open, security came around and told us that the mall decided to just close for the day. After spending half an hour digging my car out so that I could get to work, I wasn't very happy only being there for forty minutes. On the plus side, I got another snow day at home which I used to finally go grocery shopping since we had no food left in the apartment, and also to catch up on some cleaning. It was a fairly productive couple days.
      I think that's about it for my updates for now. Sorry I was gone for a bit there, but I am including this in my time management resolution so it should get better! I'm fine with time management at work, but at home I tend to slack off a bit from time to time, haha. On that note, I think I will leave you with a few pictures of the snow. See you back here later!