Saturday, October 25, 2014

Coastal Scents Haul

Hey guys!
      So Wednesday I finally caved and decided to take advantage of a couple sales on The 6 Contour Blush palette was on sale for just $9.95 (3 days only, sorry!), but they also have a limited edition Pink Combo for only $19.95 throughout the month of October. Five dollars from the Pink Combo price goes to a breast cancer charity of their choice, and it's a great deal as well so I definitely recommend checking it out.
      I was so excited to get all of my products today that I wanted to give you guys a quick first look at everything, along with some swatches. I have to say that I love Coastal Scents' packaging. Though I'm not currently working in the field, I did go to school for graphic design, and have an appreciation for sharp packaging designs and graphics. The cases for the products themselves are also nice black matte or sleek finishes with simple text that looks great.

      First let's look at the 6 Contour Blush palette. All 6 shades are matte and feel silky smooth to the touch. My first impression from just swatching the colors is that they all feel nice and silky smooth. I've been looking for good contouring/highlighting shades and have high hopes for these. 

The white is hard to see here, sorry I'm so pale! Haha

      Now check out the Pink Combo. 

      Warning: prepare for lots of pictures! I have the Coastal Scents' 22 piece brush set for my everyday use and the brushes are all so soft, so I'm happy to say that the travel set and pink kabuki are super soft as well!
Ever want to rub something soft all over your face? That was how I felt with this!

Nice nylon-feeling case.

The brushes are beautiful too!

Nice and dense, good size for a travel brush

Plus a super precise detail brush

Nice storage as well
      One of the things that I was most excited about was the Think Pink eye shadow palette. The palette itself is interchangeable and magnetic, so you can customize it! They sell a ton of hot pots so you can replace the ones that you like when your run out, or switch them out with other colors that you have.
It also has a full size mirror 

The top four shades are matte, the rest are shimmer

Swatches! Same order as they are in the palette above.
      The last item in the combo is the Juicy Pink lip quad. I already had the Passion Berry lip quad, so I had an idea of what to expect here and had been wanting another quad anyway. After application, the product feels more like a lipstick than a gloss and isn't sticky at all. The colors are also very buildable,  and can go from sheer to solid color with a few extra coats.
The three on the right are matte,
the far left having the only shimmer

      Sorry, the gloss swatches aren't wanting to cooperate right now! As I get to use these products and see how well they perform I will give you guys some updatests and let you know! I'm already wearing the middle left lip color, haha. Hope you enjoyed this first look at these wonderful products, and have a great weekend. See you back here soon!

End note: If you have any constructive criticism please leave a comment below! I'm looking to improve this blog and am working towards setting up a schedule, I just have to find out what will work best first. Thank you for your patience!

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