Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas of Course! pt. 2

      This post is coming a little later than planned, but I will admit that it's because I couldn't stop playing my new game! I'll get to that in just a moment though. I went over the food of Christmas last time, so this one is all about the gifts. I got various gift cards from a few of my relatives, and oddly enough three of the four were for restaurants, haha. We already used one of those Thursday night, by the way. Decided to go out to Chili's since we haven't been for quite some time. The boyfriend and I decided to ask for just one bigger combined gift this year from my parents, so they got us a Wii U! To top that off it's the special edition Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD one! I was beyond excited to say the least. From my Aunt and Uncle that live in Florida, on top of a gift card, I also got a Good Eats(as in the show on Food Network) cookbook. Mom and I were flipping through it Christmas day and it looks interesting. Lots of info to go along with the recipes, but I'm sure that doesn't surprise anyone who has seen the show.
      We decided not to take our gifts for each other to Mom and Dad's, so we opened them when we returned home Christmas night. He got me two books(Bloodlines and The Golden Lily both by Richelle Mead), a Jack Skellington snuggie because I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, and two CD's unfortunately that were a bit older and I already have most of the songs from. I'll have to exchange the CD's but I was very happy with the rest. :) For him I got a set of two "zombie" swords with sheath and shoulder strap(he collects knives and swords), Lego Marvel Superheroes and Devil May Cry for Xbox 360, and a stuffed Creeper(from Minecraft) doll I had noticed he liked at the mall. The Creeper has now taken up residence on top of our TV, haha. He was definitely thrilled.

 All of my gifts.

Just look how awesome the gamepad is! XD

      While we still have to exchange gifts with the boyfriend's Mom yet, I'd say we lucked out on gifts this year for sure! My only complaint really was that I had to wait til late Thursday night to finally get to play Wind Waker. The Nintendo servers were so busy that I couldn't get the game to download. I have been enjoying it since though, including a decent part of last night and most of today. I finally took a break to make dinner, and after we decided to play co-op Lego Marvel which has been fun so far. Had to stop for a bit though so I could catch up on here. ;)
      I hope that everyone has been enjoying whatever they may have gotten for the holidays, and that you didn't have too many returns/exchanges to do this weekend! Just remember, over everything else it's still the thought that counts. See you back here later!

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