Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mexican Stuffed Shells

      Tonight for dinner I decided to try something new; a recipe I found on Pinterest. I feel like we've just been eating a lot of the same things lately, and a lot of the recipes on Pinterest seem to be for chicken, which didn't sound very appealing at the time. And then I came across these! Something totally different from anything I've made before, and using beef. Sounded just about perfect. ;)

      Now that I've made them(and consumed them) I can say that I will definitely be making them again, with maybe just a few changes. I just about always follow recipes exactly the first time I try something. If I make any changes that turn out amazing, I'll let you know! For now, here are some pics of how mine turned out.

Before putting in the oven:

Adding the cheese after 30 mins:

Coming out when they're done:

Dinner is served!

      They were absolutely delicious and I even have some left to take to work tomorrow! The boyfriend definitely agreed, and I haven't seen him scarf something down that fast in a while! Hahaha. I think it's safe to say that this dish will be added to my regular rotation.

       If you would like to try it for yourself here is the original recipe. Please go check it out! I really enjoy her cooking blog. :)

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